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random piece of my mind

i’ve changed so much since last year it’s kinda unreal
my way of thinking about myself has changed but it’s turned into a bad one as i don’t even aknowledge myself anymore, i know i’m real, i know i exist and i do know that i am breathing but i just feel as if someone is breathing for me, i don’t feel alive, i don’t think about myself as much as i did last year for example, because i’ve given up on myself
that being said, i’ve changed into a better person overall so i guess i’m proud of myself in a way but i just wish i was comfortable with the person i am, the body i have and the mind i live in, i wish i was more confident with myself.


my boyfriend has the most perfect eyes

reasons why girls don’t like giving blow jobs

I can’t stop making these

6/19/14 9:27 pm

Britney Spears On The Cover Of Teen Magazine, 1999.